Do you know if Mickey Gilley is still alive?
Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl McVoy, Jim Gilley, Sonny Gilley, and Jimmy Swaggart were all cousins.

Gilley, Mickey

Branson, Missouri, USA, May 7, 2022 (old 86)

Country, pop, countrypolitan, and urban cowboy are all genres.

Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter

Mickey Gilley, who was he?

NEW YORK (AP) — Mickey Gilley, the Texas honky-tonk whose name inspired the 1980 film “Urban Cowboy” and a countrywide boom of Western-themed nightclubs, has died. He was 86 years old. Gilley, who helped operate the Mickey Gilley Grand Shanghai Theatre in Branson, Missouri, died on Saturday.

How are Mickey Gilley and Jimmy Swaggart linked to Jerry Lee Lewis?

Mickey Gilley’s image result

Lewis and Swaggart are first cousins twice removed. Gilley and Lewis are first cousins. Swaggart and Gilley are first cousins.

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